San Francisco Bass clarinet mouthpiece

$ 295.00

We offer a trial policy on 10K mouthpieces and barrel products only.
No returns or exchanges on reeds or accessories.
All reed orders must contain two boxes of any type (sample packs excluded)

NOTE: Due to summer vacation and ClarinetFest, we are unable to ship any professional mouthpieces until August 1st. You can still place an order and we will send it as soon as we are able.

I have specialized in performing on the low clarinets during much of my career in San Francisco. Because I play and own all of the low clarinets I have a unique reference point from which to explore the many requirements of good mouthpiece design. All of my mouthpieces are offered as an expression of my love for these beautiful and challenging instruments.

Five facings:

JO = 1.60mm
CF = 1.70mmRR = 1.80mm
AP = 1.90mm
HB = 2.00mm

All of my San Francisco series mouthpieces are hand made to order.  It may take 2 or 3 days to make a mouthpiece before we are able to ship it.

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