San Francisco EEb Contra Alto Clarinet mouthpiece

$ 350.00

We offer a trial policy on 10K mouthpieces and barrel products only.
No returns or exchanges on reeds or accessories.
All reed orders must contain two boxes of any type (sample packs excluded)

Facing: EEb
Length: 26mm
Tip Opening: 2.0mm

The size of EEb Contra Alto Clarinets is not consistent among manufacturers, and you may need to order a BBb Contra Bass mouthpiece to fit your instrument. Please check the tenon dimension before ordering.

EEb tenon diameter: approx. 32mm
BBb tenon diameter: approx. 35mm

All of my San Francisco series mouthpieces are hand made to order.  It may take 2 or 3 days to make a mouthpiece before we are able to ship it.

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