Fobes clarinet barrel - Blackwood

$ 209.00

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Fits the following instruments:

Buffet, Yamaha (not CSG), Leblanc, Selmer (vintages 10G and earlier)
See also our Tosca, CSG, Selmer Signature barrels

The barrel joint is an extremely important aspect of the overall acoustical design of the clarinet. It has a profound affect on modal ratios (pitch) and tonal coloration. We can think of the barrel as the "interface" between clarinet and mouthpiece.

Barrel design was dramatically improved with the innovation by Hans Moennig of the inverted cone bore. This is a shape that is suited well to the paradigm of polycylindrical bored clarinets (most Buffets) and the larger bore style mouthpieces preferred by American players.

FOBES barrels feature an inverted cone style bore and are designed to work in conjunction with FOBES mouthpieces. Improvements you can expect with a FOBES barrel are:

  1. Closer twelfth intervals
  2. Slightly lowered pitch in the tones of the left hand, upper register
  3. Focused throat tones
  4. Increased resonance and response

All FOBES barrels are made from aged African blackwood with NO RINGS for better resonance and warmth.

 I now offer two models.  The FOBES CLASSIC,  is the barrel style I have been making for over 15 years.  The sound is dense with great projection.  My newest model is the FOBES CLASSIC - LIGHT.  This model is essentially the same dimensions as the Fobes Classic, but we removed a small amount of material on the bottom of the barrel.  It is a slightly lighter, sweeter sound and very responsive in the bell tones.

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