We can no longer ship to the UK or EU countries.

Due to new European import policies restricting sales and adding VAT we will no longer ship directly to the UK or EU countries. If you have a US address we can ship to as an alternative we can ship there.

We are happy to continue the following discounts:

5% discount on any non-reed items with a total order of $200 or more
5% discount on 5 or more boxes of reeds
Free shipping on orders over $175


After much thought we are offering trials again. The maximum number of items you may try is two.  Trials are for NOVA, SAN FRANCISCO and 10K mouthpieces or wood products only. If you do not purchase anything there is a 5% fee which will be retained after you return the items. The trial period is 10 days. US deliveries only.  PLEASE indicate when you are making your selections that they are for TRIAL. Otherwise we assume they are purchases.  Thanks and be safe!


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