Clarinet Mouthpiece Chart

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Many players are interested in how my tip numbers compare to Van Doren.  I suggest subtracting "5" from the Van Doren tip measurement to find the rough equivalent in my facings.  Here is a link to the Van Doren site:

Van Doren Mouthpiece Chart

Van Doren Bass Clarinet Chart

Facing Length Tip opening (mm) Compare facing to
Eb 15mm .96  
CF 17mm .96 M15, P34
CF+ 17mm 1.00 5RV
CWF 17.5mm  .96  
2M 17mm 1.04  
2M* 17mm asymmetrical 1.04  
2L 18mm 1.04 5RV Lyre
3L 18mm 1.08
4L 18mm 1.12 B45
Jazz 19mm 1.20  
EUROPA 2 19mm 1.04 M30
EUROPA 3 19mm 1.08 B40
EUROPA 4 19mm 1.12
EUROPA 5 19mm 1.16