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San Francisco

I have developed the "San Francisco" series mouthpieces over a period of twenty years. All of these mouthpieces reflect my attention to the love of the craft of mouthpiece making and correct acoustical design. I use only Zinner blanks for my "San Francisco" Bb and Eb clarinet mouthpieces. These fine blanks represent the best in material and consistency currently available. Hans and Carsten Zinner have been extremely helpful in producing a very fine custom blank for me. This blank is not available to other makers and should not be confused or compared to the Zinner blanks used by others.

In addition to using this very fine custom blank, I further customize the bore by reaming it to specs that produce superior intonation and a characteristic "Fobes" ring.

FACINGS: CF, CF+, 2M, 2M*, 2L, 3L, 4L, JAZZ

San Francisco Mouthpiece


The CICERO series is a nod to one of the great masters of the clarinet mouthpiece craft in the 20th century. The CICERO mouthpieces are not to be construed as copies, but rather as "made in the style of..". The shorter facing produces a beautiful compact quality to the tone. There is also a special treatment of the tip baffle area to lend response and clarity to the sound.

FACINGS:  11, 12, 13, 14

Cicero Mouthpiece


These mouthpieces are designed to reflect the preference of most European players for long, open facings with wide tip rails. The resistance inherent in this design requires a slightly softer reed than my other mouthpieces. (I suggest a Van Doren V-12 3-3 1/2). With the proper reed strength these mouthpieces play with an extremely rich and dark sound, but are supple and responsive.

FACINGS:  2, 3, 4

Europa Mouthpiece


The CWF mouthpiece is my most recent offering and uses the popular Zinner “A” blank. The CWF facing is a copy of the facing that I have used with great success for the past 12 years in my professional playing with the San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony and  San Francisco Ballet. The close facing provides excellent response and control, without loss of projection or power. The deeper baffle of the CWF mouthpiece creates a warm yet vibrant sound reminiscent of  the Chicago Kaspar mouthpiece. As with all of my mouthpieces , the CWF bore is hand reamed to specifications that ideally match the facing and baffle for optimal intonation and sound.


San Francisco CWF  Mouthpiece

San Francisco Eb 

The San Francisco Eb mouthpiece has a very nice free blowing quality that provides a beautiful, centered sound and superior intonation. It is designed to work optimally with my custom tapered barrels.


My NOVA series mouthpieces are professionally finished, hard rubber mouthpieces that produce wonderful results at an affordable price. The popular NOVA Bb clarinet mouthpiece is my custom proprietary mold manufactured at J.J.Babbitt Co.  All of my Bb mouthpieces are hand bored for excellent response and intonation, finished with a CF+ facing and play tested and adjusted for optimal color and response.

Nova Bb Soprano Clarinet Mouthpiece

"NOVA" Bb Soprano Clarinet mouthpiece

Hard rubber, hand finished, "CF+"  or 3L facing. Chedeville style baffle and bore.


Debut Clarinet Mouthpiece

"DEBUT" Clarinet mouthpiece

Without a doubt, the finest student model clarinet mouthpiece on the market. Hand finished acrylic. Faced with my professional "CF+" facing. Fantastic!!!
Debut Mouthpiece

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Debut Mouthpiece

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